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Leah RogersonCFO, PulsePoint

Tipalti has given us a competitive advantage by increasing efficiency in our organization. Our payment process to our publishers used to take approximately ten hours for each pay period. It now takes approximately two hours.


Jonathan WuCOO, TouchOfModern

It used to take a week to pay vendors. With Tipalti, it's completely automated, while suppliers get paid more promptly, and we no longer need to deal with multiple international banking systems.


Richmond AngAssistant Controller, Tapjoy

With Tipalti, our mass pay-outs workload has decreased by 50% while offering new payment methods to publishers. Their reconciliation, communication, tax and regulatory compliance capabilities have elevated us.


Streamlining the Entire Global Payments Management Process

Pay globally in any currency

Pay globally in any currency

Tipalti supports mass pay for every country in the world. Mass payments are made in local currency or USD, based on what your partners want... Read more

Ensure tax & regulatory compliance

Ensure complete tax and regulatory compliance

Simplify and manage the collection of W-8 and W9 tax forms and process end-of-year submissions. Automatically protect your business against blacklisted and suspicious payees... Read more

Provide wide range of payment methods

Provide wide range of payment methods

Happy partners are paid how they want to be paid. Tipalti centrally manages wire transfers, pre-paid debit cards, PayPal, international ACH and more based on the payee's preference... Read more

Cut payment transaction costs
by 25%+

Cut payment transaction costs by 25%+

Reduce payment transaction costs by over 25% and streamline the entire process as well. You also have control over who pays the transaction fees, you or your partner or split... Read more

Automated payment processing
& reconciliation

Automated payment processing & reconciliation

Cut over 50% of your partner payouts workload and eliminate manual payment processing. Send and ensure payments to any partner in any country in any method.... Read more

Get started fast: just a few lines of code

Get started fast! Implementation happens in weeks.

A complete, white-labeled experience with a simple one-step integration with your partner website and API to facilitate payee registration, payment method, and tax form collection... Read more

How Tipalti Transforms Your Partner Payments Processes


Tipalti customers reduce their payment workload by 80% or more

Save time currently spent processing global payments, handling payment issue resolution, and dealing with tax and regulatory requirements.

Read more


Make your payment process experience a differentiator

Send money to partners on time, accurately, and in the payment method and currency they prefer, while maintaining your brand presence.

Read more


Fast implementation and reduced IT maintenance workload

A worry-free payment platform that maintains compliance and security without IT. Simple implementation ensures seamless interaction.

Read more

What makes Tipalti unique is that it covers all phases of the pay-out — from payee payment-method selection to funds disbursement — while keeping the payer in full tax and regulatory compliance.


For companies that make hundreds of worldwide payments to partners, advanced functionalities are needed to organize these global mass payments – and this SaaS service stands to help in a major way.


With Tipalti, Article One Partners, the largest patent research community, achieved greater scalability, expanded its international community by reducing paperwork and offering payment in any currency.


As the barriers to international commerce fall, and the regulatory framework around global payments continue to gain complexity, the need for solutions like Tipalti will only grow.


Tipalti has become one of the leading payment service providers to companies that make hundreds of payments a day. Managing these massive payments could be a nightmare, but Tipalti handles every aspect of it.

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