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Digital Media Network Publisher Study Reveals the Need for Significantly Improved Payment and Communications Accuracy

Publishers’ loyalty to advertising networks is heavily influenced by their satisfaction with the payment experience

Tipalti Names Steve Sovik as Chief Revenue Officer

In 2015, Tipalti grew 200% year-over-year while maintaining a 99 percent customer-retention ratio. Tipalti has amassed over $2 billion in transactions under management annually, with over 600,000 payees.

Tipalti and HasOffers by TUNE Partner to Streamline Publisher and Affiliate Network Payments

By combining HasOffers’ real-time digital marketing campaign tracking and attribution analytics for mobile and performance networks with Tipalti capability that automates payment operations to global suppliers, the integration simplifies the entire process of measuring, managing and making timely payments to ad networks and affiliate networks across the globe.

Innovative Ad Tech Networks Automate Publisher Payment Operations to Enable Global Growth

Cutting-edge digital media networks Airpush, sovrn, and Vungle select Tipalti to automate their global publisher payment processes, joining a growing list of leading digital media networks turning to Tipalti to optimize their global payments to their publisher networks.

Tipalti Launches First W-8 Solution Fully Integrated with Global Payments

Solution helps companies automate the accounts payable process by paying foreign suppliers while ensuring W-8 tax compliance

Sharing Economy Adopts Tipalti to Scale Global Payment Operations

Outsource.com, Visually, and Bizzabo join a growing list of crowdsourcing, on-demand, and sharing economy companies using Tipalti to manage payments to their global freelancers, 1099 contractors, and suppliers

Affiliate Network Payment Study Reveals Significant Gaps Between U.S. and Non-U.S. Partner Satisfaction

This study exposed several key affiliate payment insights, including the need for greater communication with affiliates, the high level of retention risk affiliate network programs face with unsatisfied affiliates due to payment issues, and a clear gap between U.S.-based affiliates and those in the global space.

Tipalti Expands International ACH Global Payments Coverage

As Tipalti’s network economy customers continue to expand their international partner and supplier footprint to new markets, the company aims to provide more payment options around the world to support their clients’ growth.

Accounts Payable Research Reveals Low Satisfaction Levels With Today’s International Payment Processes

The study “Strategies for Managing Supplier Payments” found that 51% of participants were dissatisfied with the processes they use to pay their suppliers. According to the findings of the study, more than 70% of these respondents also spend five or more hours a week managing supplier payment operations.

Tipalti Enhances European Payments Capabilities

Tipalti Enhances European Payments Capabilities

February 3, 2015 | Tipalti Marketing

New functionality in the Tipalti platform for European VAT and tax number support and identification document management