Customer Successes

Tipalti customers automate global payments for their networked economies

Ad Networks


Tipalti’s solution is a key component in our ability to deliver and maintain the highest level of payment standards that our publishers demand. The system offers us a smooth, extremely cost-effective method to serve our thousands of publishers. The Tipalti solution is flexible, secure and fully-integrated into our payment system and allows us to pay our publishers automatically and on-time.

David Markowitz CFO / Co-founder, AdStract

Prior to using Tipalti we created batch files based on various templates for each method of payment and submitted them separately to each financial institution. The reduction in time and paperwork, combined with the reduced chance for errors has greatly improved our publisher payment processes. Our payment process to our publishers used to take approximately ten hours for each pay period. It now takes approximately two hours.

Leah Rogerson CFO, PulsePoint

Tipalti has significantly increased our productivity. Paying publishers would take a week just to initiate and track payments, as well as send checks or PayPal. And we’d spend two days a month investigating and resolving payment issues. Now we’re able to do all this in one‐fifth the time.

Jeff Magliola VP of Operations,

Thanks to Tipalti’s mass-payment solution, our publisher satisfaction has significantly increased and our publisher retention rate has grown, while our workload and cost of payment have dramatically decreased. By implementing Tipalti's solution we were able to completely automate the collection of W-8/W-9 forms from 100 percent of our publishers, with no time invested by us. We also achieved complete compliance with OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) regulations, again without having to invest any of our time or resources.

Yariv Davidovich President, Infolinks

Affiliate Networks

Mundo Media

In the short time we have been using Tipalti, we have already been alerted about multiple suspected fraudsters. In addition, we found that each suspected fraudster was somehow linked to other payees that were not previously detected. We have reduced the risk of fraudulent publishers using our network and have potentially saved thousands of dollars in payments we may have otherwise made. We have also used Tipalti to classify fraudsters so that other networks become aware of fraudulent accounts identified on our network.

Phil Jones CFO, Mundo Media

Integrating Tipalti has definitely streamlined our entire affiliate pay-outs process. We have been able to significantly automate our pay-outs workload while providing our partners with a better experience and higher transparency of the whole payment process.

Dmitry Atamanyuk COO, ClickDealer

App Monetization


A crucial component of Tapjoy’s mobile performance-based advertising platform is making timely and accurate payments to our app developers and publishing partners every month, across approximately 40 countries, and all in local currency. We have been using Tipalti’s system for over a year to accomplish this business-critical task. Since starting to use Tipalti the workload associated with mass payouts has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers. The enterprise-class reconciliation, communication, tax and regulatory compliance capabilities of Tipalti, have elevated our mass-payout process to highest industry standards while significantly increasing publisher satisfaction and loyalty to our brand.

Richmond Ang Assistant Controller, Tapjoy

I evaluated several solutions, and didn’t find one that gave me as perfect and as whole a solution as Tipalti did. From the first test of Tipalti by StartApp, the results were perfect. Tipalti takes care of StartApp’s entire cycle of payments to developers, including sending out 1099 forms at the end of the year. And from implementation through today, Tipalti’s customer support has proven to be fast, friendly and highly capable.

Keren Ofek VP of Finance, Startapp

Online Marketplaces

Touch of Modern

Prior to using Tipalti, it typically took up to a week to upload invoices and pay vendors; now this process is automated, is completed instantaneously, while allowing our suppliers to be paid in a much more timely fashion. As we frequently pay foreign suppliers, Tipalti’s solution has eliminated the need to interact with multiple banking systems and purchase foreign currency. All payments, in all currencies, are now made from a single platform, significantly reducing time, effort, and any chance of error on our end while improving security of our payments and cash flow management.

Jonathan Wu COO, TouchOfModern


Article One Partners

Our researcher community really appreciates the reduction in paperwork and the increase in available payment methods. Internally, we’re extremely happy with Tipalti’s service because it has significantly streamlined the payment process, and it has made us much more scalable: We’re a growing company, and now we can expand and scale operations more quickly with a simple, effective global mass payment solution.

Eric Baer VP Product and Technology, Article One Partners
Boost Media

Using Tipalti has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money by streamlining a vital piece of our operations. Our writers love it because they get paid faster, in their preferred method and currency, and receive a higher net rate thanks to Tipalti’s lower fees.

Rob Lenderman Co-Founder, CIO and CMO, Boost Media



It's so easy working with Tipalti. All we need to do is upload a single, simple, payment file to their servers. The hassle is gone. We now have a comprehensive solution which includes publisher registration, payment methods selection and handling of international payees.

Michal Weiner VP Finance, Inneractive