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Payee Registration

Payee Account info

Not all payees have the same needs and your payment method should meet these needs. The Tipalti white-labeled self-serve dashboard allows each payee to choose their preferred payment method, while keeping your organization in full tax and regulatory compliance.

Payment Method

Payees are prompted to enter their banking information to ensure successful remittance of payments. Your workload is kept to a minimum. No more error-prone manual payments entry.

Tax Forms

To ensure tax compliance, payees are required to complete the necessary tax forms (e.g. W-9), which are kept with the payer. A comprehensive end-of-year 1099 service takes care of all submissions to federal and state authorities, as well as mailing of forms to payees. 


It's so easy working with Tipalti. All we need to do is upload a single, simple, payment file to their servers. The hassle is gone. We now have a comprehensive solution which includes publisher registration, payment methods selection and handling of international payees.

Michal Weiner, VP Finance

Thanks to Tipalti’s mass-payment solution our publisher satisfaction has significantly increased and our publisher retention rate has grown, while our workload and cost of payment have dramatically decreased.

Yariv Davidovich, President