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Whether you operate an advertising or affiliate network, crowd sourcing or crowd funding network, online or social marketplace, you know that making regular payments to your providers is a significant task.

While payment marks an end of a work cycle for you, it is a key event for your provider. Tipalti brings the professionalism you and your providers expect to the payment process.

Serving Advertising and Affiliate Networks, Crowd-Sourcing and Crowd-Funding, Online and Social Marketplaces

Tipalti’s SaaS streamlines and automates the way companies make payments to the masses. Tipalti is a comprehensive solution that addresses all phases of pay-out from payee registration and payment method selection to funds disbursement, while keeping the payer in full tax and regulatory compliance.

  • Tipalti covers every country in the world; payments made in local currency.

  • Cost to payer can be 0. Service is priced on a transaction basis, paid by the supplier/payee.

  • Supports a large number of payment methods per country (ACH / Direct Deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, Global ACH / Local Bank Transfer, checks, pre-paid debit cards, etc.).

  • Fulfills the required screening of payees (OFAC,UN) to avoid paying those involved in illegal activity such as money laundering, drug trafficking, aiding terrorists, etc.

  • Automatically handles payee W9 tax form collection and offers a comprehensive end-of-year 1099 service.

  • Integrates into your website using a single line of code. The Tipalti solution is completely white-labeled, and appears as part of your web site, with the same look & feel.

By focusing exclusively on the problem of payments to a large number of payees on a global basis, Tipalti adds value to payees by offering more efficient options, while saving the payer money in fees and effectively eliminating the burden of recurring payment cycles.

Single Line of Code Integration

Integrating Tipalti's iFrame into the payer website takes less than a day. Payee registration, payment method selection, and tax form collection is fully white-labeled into your existing workflow.

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